Upon arrival at our clinic, one of our staff will greet you at the front window. Next, they will check you in and provide you with paperwork to fill out. After the paperwork, you’ll be taken back into your private infusion room. If you have any family or friends waiting for you, they can stay in our lounge, which has a television and magazines to enjoy.

You will be comfortable in one of our luxury recliner chairs in the infusion room. You will be provided with a variety of options to help make you feel at ease. These options include blankets, eye covers, aromatherapy, noise-canceling headphones, a choice of dimmed lighting, and music or nature sounds. The headphones work with a Bluetooth system. So feel free to bring your mobile device and listen to your favorite music. Our goal is to make your experience in our clinic as comfortable as possible. Having a sensory-deprived condition increases the success rate with Ketamine infusions.

Your anesthesiologist or one of our nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) will review your paperwork, infusion regime, and personal health needs. They will then take one set of vitals, including blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature, as a baseline and place your IV.



Your vitamin or ketamine infusion will then begin. The first Ketamine infusion dose will be based on several factors, including your medications, current condition, age, sex, and body weight. Your treatment plan will be designed after you consult with our physician. We will adjust your subsequent doses depending on your response in the first session. Besides Ketamine, you will also receive some other medications to prevent possible but rare Ketamine side effects, nausea, and headaches. All our patients will receive two medications (Zofran and Decadron) to prevent nausea. We also add Toradol (an anti-inflammatory medication like aspirin and ibuprofen) as an effective treatment for possible headaches. The length of time for an IV vitamin therapy is less and will be about 15 minutes.

A very sensitive medical infusion pump will deliver Ketamine. By this method, you will receive the exact and desired amount of Ketamine in one hour. You will be provided with privacy once you have settled in. Your anesthesia provider will check on your progress occasionally and be immediately accessible as needed. Your vital signs will be monitored and checked every 10-15 minutes.

You will feel the effect within minutes after the infusion begins. You will not lose consciousness, and Ketamine will not put you to sleep. But if you are already sleepy and relaxed, you might take a short nap during the treatment.

Once your infusion has concluded, your final vitals will be taken, and your IV will be removed when your provider deems it safe. You and your provider will debrief about how you’re feeling and if you have any concerns. Then, you will have the opportunity to continue to rest in our lounge and depart at your leisure. Usually, you will be able to leave after 15 minutes. We will provide you with discharge instructions when you’re ready. We encourage you to confirm your next infusion at that time!


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